Hey guys, So my birthday passed by and I was kind of wondering what to write for the day. A letter to my 16 year old self seemed appropriate. Enjoy. Dear Kimmie Happy birthday! We made it to another year. If you're wondering it's 22 year old you. I know you kind of can't believe [...]

Taking Stock 5.

Heya, In the hustle and bustle of these last few weeks I've been on a wild journey of self discovery. Growing up is uncomfortable, but nothing is more uncomfortable than staying in somewhere you really dont belong. Drinking: Dairy Fresh Vanilla Milk. I’ve been binging on these things all month! Love them. Last Album I [...]

Taking Stock 4.

Loves! In comes a new month! Back in session, new projects loading. So much going on. Honestly just grateful for everything, good and bad. Three more months of 2017 left!  Also, Nairobae weather though! 😶 Drinking: Apple Juice.  Last Album I listened to: Chronixx-Chronology (I am in love with this album! Reading: Jane Austen- Persuasion. [...]


I've been silent. I've been thinking. Dreaming. Crying. Healing. Scheming.  I've been in my beautiful bubble trying to find myself in my pain. I've been living and learning.  This space, of not knowing. Of deep pain and beautiful happiness. I'm growing and learning everyday.  This space, this beautiful space I want to run from but [...]

Taking Stock 2

Hey guys, We're back. Another month down and I'm honestly just sitting here wondering where my holiday went. *sigh*. Here we go   Drinking: Lots of water. I really have dropped drinking soda and i can feel the difference in my skin. I also feel a lot better so yay water!   Last Album I listened [...]